Entry #28

Music and Super Cow

2015-08-27 23:30:06 by Jurgen

So after sitting on it for god knows how long (maybe 3 years at this point) I've decided to go back and finish Super Cow and Captain Walrus Episode 2, just to finally get that off my conscience.  I feel like it was better written, and featured much better performances voice-acting-wise so it almost feels like I need to honor that by at least finishing it.  Plus I genuinely think it could make a good cartoon, so I'm going to upload it as effectively the 'new' episode 1 of the series.  I only had the first 20 seconds or so done, but I'm going back and redoing it all.  I've began re-storyboarding it, I just hope that after all this time I haven't completely forgotten how to animate...

That being said that will be the last episode I make.  I wrote so much for that series and was planning to do a lot with it, but I think I just got way too ahead of myself and now that I'm looking back on all these notes and ideas for it that I wrote around 12-16 years old, I just don't see the point in following through.  Maybe I'll try my hand at an animated series again another day, but probably not.  SC&CW will always have a special place in my heart, but as far as continuing it goes I just want to make this episode so the only memory of it won't be the lazily animated, badly mixed, mess of a cartoon that is the current Episode 1.

In the meantime I'm gonna try and do a couple short toons, the first of which being a Sleepycast animated, because there totally aren't enough podcast and lets-play animations out there as is.

I'm also taking music production a little more seriously.  I'm just trying to figure out what I want to do at this point in life, so since I've always had an interest in just about every medium of art out there, I figure why not really indulge myself in as many as possible to narrow down what I like best.  After taking a short college program based on animation and illustration, I'm thinking those aren't really career options for me, but we'll see.  At the least I might still just do that stuff on the side.  But anyway I'm also working on a short 3-track EP when I can.  You can follow me on my soundcloud if you like weird electronic music, I guess.  Here's a track that will be on it after I clean it up some more.






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2015-09-02 21:38:20


Jurgen responds:

Oh hey, has it been 3 years already?

I was actually going to message you about some lines but I should probably get my shit straightened out first. Moving in to another house, job, life, yadayada.