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Music and Super Cow

2015-08-27 23:30:06 by Jurgen

So after sitting on it for god knows how long (maybe 3 years at this point) I've decided to go back and finish Super Cow and Captain Walrus Episode 2, just to finally get that off my conscience.  I feel like it was better written, and featured much better performances voice-acting-wise so it almost feels like I need to honor that by at least finishing it.  Plus I genuinely think it could make a good cartoon, so I'm going to upload it as effectively the 'new' episode 1 of the series.  I only had the first 20 seconds or so done, but I'm going back and redoing it all.  I've began re-storyboarding it, I just hope that after all this time I haven't completely forgotten how to animate...

That being said that will be the last episode I make.  I wrote so much for that series and was planning to do a lot with it, but I think I just got way too ahead of myself and now that I'm looking back on all these notes and ideas for it that I wrote around 12-16 years old, I just don't see the point in following through.  Maybe I'll try my hand at an animated series again another day, but probably not.  SC&CW will always have a special place in my heart, but as far as continuing it goes I just want to make this episode so the only memory of it won't be the lazily animated, badly mixed, mess of a cartoon that is the current Episode 1.

In the meantime I'm gonna try and do a couple short toons, the first of which being a Sleepycast animated, because there totally aren't enough podcast and lets-play animations out there as is.

I'm also taking music production a little more seriously.  I'm just trying to figure out what I want to do at this point in life, so since I've always had an interest in just about every medium of art out there, I figure why not really indulge myself in as many as possible to narrow down what I like best.  After taking a short college program based on animation and illustration, I'm thinking those aren't really career options for me, but we'll see.  At the least I might still just do that stuff on the side.  But anyway I'm also working on a short 3-track EP when I can.  You can follow me on my soundcloud if you like weird electronic music, I guess.  Here's a track that will be on it after I clean it up some more.






2014-04-14 22:04:01 by Jurgen

Some sort of thing may be coming somtime soon...probably.

I haven't animated in quite a few months

2013-09-13 17:51:57 by Jurgen

I have so many ideas, especially for Super Cow, that I want to turn into animations, but I've been slowly becoming more and more unmotivated to animate anything throughout the past few years. The problem is it isn't fun or entertaining for me. I've been drawing my whole life, and the idea that I can take my drawn characters and settings and bring them to life is awesome to me, but somehow sitting at a computer animating for 3 hours a session only to end up with one character action finished just isn't appealing to me.

On the other hand, I've been getting much more into music production, and it's starting to make me question if I'm really "cut out" to be an animator. When I get the ball rolling on a song, working on it and seeing it grow is fun to me. I have to bring myself away from the computer sometimes because I'll be so deep into a song, whereis the exact opposite happens to me for animation. So I don't know. I mean I've always been a little unsure about animation in terms of it being what I want to do for a career, but now it's starting to become much more real and much more terrifying. I mean I'm going to college next year, and for the longest time I've been prepping myself and going through school with the idea that I'd suddenly magically get the motivation and skills to go through an animation course once I start college. However, maybe I'm just being lazy, and maybe deadlines and the ever-present idea that not completing an animation could affect your future and waste tons of money is what I need, y'know? Maybe it's the kind of thing I need to kick me into gear.

Anyway, I don't really know what I'm going to do about this but I guess I'll just feel it out. I've got a few small toon ideas written and started so maybe I'll see where that goes but as far as SC&CW I can imagine I'm not going to be working very much. However I'll probably still be making tunes so...check me out on soundcloud and stuff...yeah

It's just a bummer because after episode 1 of SC&CW took so long, I told myself I was going to finish the next episode faster without procrastinating so much, but here we are again however many years later in pretty much the exact same scenario.

A little too busy.

2013-04-10 21:04:30 by Jurgen

Schoolwork is really building up. Alonside the last month or two of procrastination, it's really hindering SC&CW episode 2's progress.

But hey, I've been making some tunes on the side. Check out my soundcloud.

Hopefully I'll have something to submit sometime soon, even it's just a dumb little cartoon.


Do you like horror stories?

2012-04-19 21:06:17 by Jurgen

I just finished writing a pretty spontaneous horror story and put it on nosleep. You can read it here

I'll probably post it here when the writing portal finally comes. So..y'know...chop chop Tom.

Also how does one go about changing his name around here? Do I just PM the Fulps or what..? I'd assume they're too busy with site stuff to change people usernames, but I know it's possible to do.

Animation news: Shut the fuck up I'm working on it.

EDIT: Awesome, finally changed my name. I am no longer "lpfann2", I am now "Jurgen". Thanks Tom!

My birthday

2012-03-29 20:19:19 by Jurgen

It was yesterday.

Update/adasport animation tournament

2011-10-30 15:06:32 by Jurgen

Alright I've had a little animation break/practice time in between but now it's time to start storyboarding episode 2 of SC&CW. This one will most likely be a bit shorter, but much more focused on humor and whatnot.

After storyboarding, I'll get my beautiful voice actors to perform some lines and then it's off to animation for a while. Obviously episode 1 took way too long, but I definitely feel more motivated than before and as far as I know, there aren't any big time consuming things happening in school anytime soon (Except Exams I guess, but this semester will be pretty easy). Plus the christmas break is coming up so I'll have a bunch of free time. I'm aiming for the actual animation portion of it to only take 3 or months or so, but we'll see...

In other news, has anyone else seen the ADAsport animation tournament..thing? It's pretty sad. They take 2 different animation teams and make them put out a short video every week, then get youtubers to judge them, but jesus christ are those animations ever atrocious. I mean, they're good and smooth but the writing is pretty bad, and one team is just basing all of their humor on crudeness. In the end it just becomes a contest of who's video sucked less in my opinion...

I seriously think that if they had this contest on newgrounds/deviant art or atleast got artists to form teams on newgrounds/deviant art it'd be 5x more entertaining...

Anyway that's my little rant. I'll leave you with a brotip I found...

Update/adasport animation tournament


So, though I am incredibly proud of this, being pretty much my first fully completed animation, I still think it could have turned out a little bit better on the writing side of things.

I'm gonna take some time off SC&CW to work on other random stuff, despite this may not be the best time to stop. It's just that I had a lot of other ideas for things while working on this, but I was really tied down to just this animation.

Super Cow & Captain Walrus Episode 2 will come eventually though, and I promise it will be 2x times as good


2011-03-02 15:06:04 by Jurgen

Last time i remember, i was animating in the tv room, but now, even though my tablet is still in there my pen is still nowhere to be found



hot damn i looked everywhere for it but it must've vanished into thin air! It doesn't help that it's black...

So i guess it's gone then, we just ordered and new pen and it should come in the next 3-4 days.

A whole year...i can't believe this 5 minute movie has already taken a whole year and it's only like 80% finished. Fuck i'm gonna have to work fast

--*edit 25/04/11*--
so my new pen came quite a while ago. Now all i need to do is finish the last scene. Hoping this godforsaken project will be done by the end of May : /

---Edit 25/09.11-------

fucking finally done!

Just waiting for this madness day stuff to blow over and then it will be UPLOADED

And so it begins...

2010-09-07 16:16:36 by Jurgen

First day of high school.

Not as bad as expected, i mean i didn't get too much homework or anything that i did get is easy.

However i can't quite make the "high school is a breeze! I'm gonna pass it so easily" assumtion yet since;

1. It was the first day...so olviously they go a little easy on me
and 2. I'm just what they call a Minor Niner.

So yeah i dont think that high school will interupt animation very much. The long awaited (by me) SC&CW will be here soon.

I have to admit, at the end of the summer the reason there was little to no work on this animation was simple lazyness/procrastination. Plus i tried to squeeze in a couple days to hang with some buddies. But trust me

I had ALOT of free time this summer. SC&CW should be done by now -_-

Whatever. I can't just bitch about this. What happened, happened.

Expect this flash to be done sometime in October at the latest. If i work on it nonstop the next couple weeks with all the free time i have. I could finish it by the middle of September. But sadly, i know that won't happen

I think i've finally accepted my lazyness. That doesn't mean i'm going to be lazy with everything now. It's just I don't feel the need to rush. I'm gonna take my time

Thats all.


---------------------------EDIT 31/10/2010----------------------------
Only about a scene and 1 quarter left :D

Get phsyced!
--------------------------EDIT 22/11/2010----------------------------
RAWR Science projects are lame
Pretty much on the last scene, a little bit busy tonight though. Anyway i assume SC&CW will release in december, not gonna make any promises though

That last scene is pretty short :D
--------------------------EDIT 13/12/2010----------------------------
So i've decided that (even though i'm positive this will be done in december) theres a huge possibility that it will be ignored if i submit it near christmas time, because the main focus will be set on christmas themed anims for the contest

I'll submit it in early January! YEAH

----------Edit 01/01/11------------------------------
Im aiming for it to be done - or very close to - by January 10th. Things like friends and family may get in the way though, but hey thats life for ya
--------Edit 12/01/11------------------------------
My exams are coming up...gotta study
Got a small job involving flash, so thats gonna take about a week
fuckity fuck fuck
you know what? dont even expect SC&CW lol...it'll come out when it comes out....

--------Edit 17/02/11------------------------------
so i finished my little flash job that i got (at least im pretty sure its finished). God i haven't worked on this for so long...ima get back into it soon. So i can FINALLY FINISH IT.
Shit has just been cleaned off my plate